The most popular smartphones of 2020. List of models

The year 2020 has officially begun, and the users are waiting for the new year to begin. The X50 smartphone is one of the top devices of the past year, which received a massive number of new year's discounts. The device went on sale in 2020, and now stores of M. Video, DNS and all the others are also reducing the price. To get a discount, you need to visit a specific link in the shopping cart, which is displayed in the description. We will look at one of the most popular discount sites.M. VideoM. Video is one of the largest and most popular discount sites on the Internet. The prices of smartphones in its stores are reduced by up to 90% each year. In 2020, for example, the price of the Snapdragon 710 with 8 GB of RAM is reduced to $ 400, which is about 20,800$. This price is considerably cheaper than last year's model, but this is not the first year in which the gadget has been offered at a discount. The S50 received a 64 GB memory card and a 4,500-Milli-ampere-hour battery. This is a powerful processor, 4500 mAh, which is also a large battery, which lasts for 2-3 days of operation. In addition, the device received a wide range of functionality, including the option for reverse charging and support for 5G networks.Auto-Ezet . The price of the smartphone is reduced from 25,990$ to 20,990$ (the discount is not available on the site itself).The original price of the smartphone is 39,990$. Now it is offered for 44,990$.* Offer is valid as of 26.10.2020